Was that really necessary?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         No. Not even. But the more I looked at it, the more it bugged me. And, unfortunately, I could do something about it. So I did.
The bores were drilled quite a bit off center, not that you would ever notice that in use but looking at the bare frame, it is really obvious. The nose is supposed to be nickel plated and I didn’t want to lose that but I just wasn’t happy with how the clean up was going. So, off with its head! The photo on the right shows the [previously machined] tail mounted in a lathe OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         collet and the nose is held by a live center. There isn’t a lot of room to get my stubby lathe bit in there but it worked out OK. After turning, I sanded with 120, 220 & 400 to get a nice polish. The other parts of the frame have been hand sanded with 120 (so far).

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