Prime time

I spent waaaay too much time cleaning up the crank, fortunately, I found a rat tail needle file shaped something like a Sheppard’s crook in my pile-O-files that allowed me to work the edge (by the tape) and other non-flat surfaces (especially on the back). I made a mess of the nickel plating (under the tape), that won’t be pretty. Anyway, after a couple of days filing and sanding, then cleaning with phosphoric acid (for paint adhesion and metal protection), this is the first two coats of primer. I’ll do some light sanding to smooth things out and add another coat. The nice white color means I can skip a base color coat and go directly to the red top coat. (I’m using elcheapo rattle can paint)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         In the background are the wood parts (with rubbed out lacquer) and the previous drill I worked on (just paint and lacquer). On that drill, I was lazy and painted with a brush (Kawasaki firecracker red lacquer and Testers flat black (should have been gloss)).

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