Crank it up

Just about done, just the crank left to go. The nickel plated brass ferrule (the upper one in the photo) has split and needed replacing. Which means the handle has to be removed, which meant grinding the peined handle rod. Rather than make a new rod, I drilled and tapped the old one for a #8×32 screw (a brass one from an light switch or 120v wall outlet), and voila, something that can be easily disassembled (but will hopefully stay assembled). I turned a new ferrule from ½” stainless steel rod (and chipped two drill bits in the process, arg!) The flat metal arm had been bent at some point in the past and was hammered and shimmed to make it fit. I hammered and bent it some more, and filed it some, all of which did a number on the nickel plating. Then I did some polishing, but reconsidered and applied a super fast, super cheap “patina”– color with a black sharpie and wipe it down with a alcohol soaked rag to take off most of the ink. Then spray with lacquer, which spreads the ink out some more. I was surprised at how well it worked; it has a bit of a purplish cast but matches the color and pitting on the chuck pretty well.


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