Making Mountains into Mole Hills

I had a Spruce tree fall down a bunch of years ago and roughed (really rough) out a couple of slabs and now want to make something with the wood (one was turned into the chop on my leg vise). Which means flattening the slabs (this one is about 4’ long x 11” wide x 3”-5” thick with ocean waves for a surface). No way I’m going to flatten this thing by hand: monster knots,  not square enough for the bandsaw or planer so that leaves the router.

After scratching my head a bunch, it occurred to me that turning my rinky dink router table upside down would make an OK sled. Some 4x4s and 2x2s made barely adequate runners and shims under the slab sort of leveled it.

I used a 1 1/8″  bit, which really hogs off wood and makes an enormous mess (guess who doesn’t have a dust collector?). The router table legs sticking up in the air makes the router easy to control. The table wasn’t wide enough and the runners weren’t long enough so I slipped several times and dug a few trenches but I got a nice reference surface.

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