Put a stick in it

I dug through the wood pile and found an apple branch (I think it was apple, may have been pear). Mostly bark, I wish I had taken a photo but I really didn’t think it was going to work (you can see a chunk from another part of the tree at the left). Anyway, after some slicing and dicing on the bandsaw, I found enough to make a handle. Rasps did most of the shaping (I’m not good with a spoke shave) and the shoulder plane cut the head tenon. The batten is clamped to the bench to keep handle from popping out of the dogs. For most of the shaping, the handle was clamped in a face vise.

The head is just stuck on just enough so I can play and see if things feel good and are straight. After banging one some stuff, I noticed it had a good rebound, an indicator of hard steel. Some testing with a file shows it is around the same hardness as some ball pein hammers I have. Interesting, I was expecting it to be dead soft after welding but it must have cooled fast enough for a quasi quench. I may not need to heat treat.

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