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Socket to me

I’ve always poo-poo’d ¼” sockets, 3/8″ have always been good enough. But then I got a ¼ set and threw it into the tool box that lives on the bench. And it turned out to be pretty useful and a … Continue reading

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ZK #2

I built this #2 sized plane back in 2003. I’d been wanting to buy a Stanley #2 but thought the prices were just too high (especially when you could get a LN #2 for a similar price). Veritas had recently … Continue reading

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A Plane Coffee Table

It started with visions of curves, planes and bridges. I keep scratch pad in the shop so I can chase ideas around on paper. Rulers and tapes so I can measure how far apart my hands are or run around … Continue reading

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Towel Rack Backsaw Till

Backsaws in a cabinet, backsaws on a cabinet, backsaws in drawers. Things were getting a bit silly, even for my state of the mess. I’ve decided there are some tools (like planes) that I use enough that they should be … Continue reading

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Geez, that was embarrassing

A bunch of years ago, I bought a Veritas low angle spoke shave to help shape the curved uprights of a book shelf (if I remember correctly; they are laminated lath). But I just could not get it to work, so … Continue reading

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Ole #7

I bought a Stanley #7c off ebay a while back. It was pretty crusty, a borderline rat plane: rust, hang hole, pliers used on depth adjuster, sole worn from use, etc. The mouth was actually rounded over (a lot!) from shavings acting … Continue reading

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Hammer is done enough to take the prom photos. Finish is varnish over BLO (I think the BLO gives wood a “deeper” color). There were a couple of “oh poohs” (or words to that affect), one amusing, the other not … Continue reading

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