Towel Rack Backsaw Till

Backsaws in a cabinet, backsaws on a cabinet, backsaws in drawers. Things were getting a bit silly, even for my state of the mess. I’ve decided there are some tools (like planes) that I use enough that they should be placed where they can be easily grabbed. Or, just because I like to look at them. Problem was, I just couldn’t come up with a backsaw till design I liked. I had cut all the wood for one before I said “nah”. Dovetails cut on another – too weak. Getting annoyed, I just needed to build something, anything. So, a towel rack and a slotted board. Materials: one Fir 2×4 and a ¾” dowel. Screwed to wall studs (16″ on center). I used the table saw to cut the slots every 1 ½” (½” base of cut to wall). The dowel is 5″ from the wall, which is good for a saw plate up to about 4″. The dowel holders are 1 ½” x ¾” with a 1 ¼” x ½” mortise and tenon. The dowel was a bit oversize, so the ends were stepped and it can’t escape.

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