Socket to me

I’ve always poo-poo’d ¼” sockets, 3/8″ have always been good enough. But then I got a ¼ set and threw it into the tool box that lives on the bench. And it turned out to be pretty useful and a lot handier than running over to the roll cab(s) that hold the 3/8″ (and ½”) set(s). But it got pretty old digging though the loose sockets (english and metric) to find the right size. So I finally did something about it. I can pull the drawer and take it over to what I’m working on or lift out the tray. There is thumb room to lift out the ratchet. To remove the extension, push on the fat end and it slides off the tray and it is easily grabbed (if it is in the drawer, it hits the side and pole vaults out). To make it, I took a ¾” maple off-cut, a bunch of forstner bits (I just knew I’d find a use for those n/16th bits!) and core box router bits. I used a circle template to lay out (and size) the socket holes (3/8″ deep). Carving gouges [crudely] faired the slots. I used a 3/16″ round over on all 12 edges. Finish is shellac to keep my grease covered fingers from making a mess.

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