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More spoons

Lacquered apple and oiled apple (or maybe pear). The bigger one gave me some grief as I was taking the final (of course) cuts in the bowl; an “invisi-check” caught the gouge, which then split and caused the chisel to take … Continue reading

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Wacky workholding

Spoons and such are really hard to hold if you want to use both hands to hold tools. Here I’m using four clamps, a 2×4 and a bench dog so I can get into bowl of this dipper. The little … Continue reading

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Spoons are fun! And a great use of fire fodder. There are some great blog posts out there on carving spoons (Village Carpenter, Robin Wood, Peter Follansbee) and I’d been thinking about it but have very limited carving experience (ie … Continue reading

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Depth Gauge

I needed to measure the depth of some big wide mortises and the only thing I could find that worked was my marking gauge. Worked quite well actually but felt kinda lame. Made me think I needed a “real” depth … Continue reading

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Scrub a dub

I just got a Stanley 40½ scrub plane with a broken lever cap (as advertised). No big deal, I figured I’d just make a new cap. But the break didn’t look so bad, it was clean break and fit well … Continue reading

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