Spoons are fun! And a great use of fire fodder. There are some great blog posts out there on carving spoons (Village Carpenter, Robin Wood, Peter Follansbee) and I’d been thinking about it but have very limited carving experience (ie none), no carving tools, blah, blah, etc. I did have some apple limbs drying that I’d hoped to use for handles or some such but they had checked pretty badly so I split them to see if there was anything salvageable. Well, no; the grain cork screws, almost 90° in some cases. Time to try spoons!  If it worked, great, if not, no loss.
Shown are the results of a couple of evenings work, two keepers and a dud. All apple, the top one has been soaked in BLO.

My process was to rough out a blank on the bandsaw (by eye) and then try to salvage that with rasps (I think better with rasp than a spoke shave). Microplanes work great. Spoke shaves and knives  leave a much nicer finish but require skill, I’ll need to work up to that. To make the bowl, I used a forstner bit on the first two but starting with a gouge doesn’t take much more time. I’ve got the spoon clamped to the bench, using a dog as a stop and going at it with the gouge (hand pressure, no hammer). This dried apple doesn’t have much grain so it carves pretty easy, even if it is pretty hard (and I have a blister to show for it).
Time spent on sharpening really pays off here.
You can see how much twist there is in the background piece.

All shaped and ready for sanding (this where carving would be really nice, no sanding!).

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