Wacky workholding

Spoons and such are really hard to hold if you want to use both hands to hold tools. Here I’m using four clamps, a 2×4 and a bench dog so I can get into bowl of this dipper. The little wooden clamp is on the dog and acts as spacer to keep the big clamp from moving all over the place.

I found a use for my new depth gauge:

I’m making this dipper from a “ditch” log (I found the log in a ditch). I think it might be cherry (as in fruit).  It about killed me to get the log out of the ditch, as it was about four feet deep with steep gravel sides and the log must weigh close to 200 pounds. Now I kinda know what Sisyphus is going through. It’s been in that ditch at least two months that I know of, is still really wet and the wood in the crotch is just a bitch to carve (the main trunk had two branches on opposite sides so I split the trunk to get two blanks). No hand pressure this time, hammer time. Even the forstner bit was unhappy.  On the other hand, this is wonderful smelling wood, the only words I can think of are cinnamon maraschino cherry.

I need a hook knife so I can clean up the inside of the bowl. I welded one up, it is in the oven now (heat treat), tomorrow I’ll sharpen it up and see if it works.
Addendum:  Total fail. The blade snapped while sharpening. Gonna have to rethink this one.

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