Spoon and ladles

A spoon and ladles wait to dry so I can oil them (for color). The spoon is from some more ditch wood – scrub oak limbs soaking in a wet ditch. Well eaten by bugs and parts spalted to the point of punk. And a branch was growing out of the side of the bowl. ie lots of character. And the bowl busted twice during carving.

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2 Responses to Spoon and ladles

  1. Torch02 says:

    What oil are you going to use? Will this just darken the wood some or are you looking to drastically alter the color of the spoons?

    • Zander K says:

      I use BLO (boiled linseed oil) thinned 50º with mineral spirits (so it will soak in faster). I would use Tung oil if I wasn’t so cheap (smells better, doesn’t yellow with age). If I can, I apply the oil under a vacuum for really good penetration )(infusion post). A nice side effect is the oil continues to be pulled into the wood so there is minimal bleed out as it dries. I like the amber color the oil adds to the wood, the “depth” (you can “preview” the effect by wiping on MS or alcohol), it accentuates color changes in wood (you can see this in the previous post, the two spoons were similar in color and shading before finishing, lacquer just added depth, oil really highlighted the early/late wood) and the wood is much easier to keep clean. A personal preference and I get carried away, for example, infusing maple just looks bad.

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