Moving metal

All that spoon carving paid dividends on this project, got a whole new set of skills to apply and a new perspective on shape. But all good things must come to an end and now it is time to remove metal. Here the frog is being bored for the hold down bolts, a ½” solid carbide end mill is being used to make the bolt slots (massive overkill for aluminum but it is such a cool end mill). There are 5/16″ through holes and a 3/8″ back bore (the mounting studs have a shoulder). Bit complicated and the tolerances are tight (I was trying to hold ± a thou which is rough on this mill).

This is what you see looking down the throat:

Next up was drilling holes in the sole plate for the mounting studs. I really should go for a looser fit because now these holes had to be spot on. Somehow, I managed with a bit of file work. You can see why I needed a back bore on the frog.

And here what we have so far. The missing parts are the lever cap, the cap attachment points, a method to attach the sole and a ton of work to make everything to fit. I could do a wedge but I don’t think so.

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