Historic event! One project, one day, two boards

I’m a founding member of the “a clean desk is the sign of weak mind” club; if a pile gets too big, I just pour fuel on it, light it and start building again (see W. C. Fields, the “efficiency expert” in Man on the Flying Trapeze). But it got to be a bit much when the pile got big enough to be mound shaped and stuff started sliding off onto the floor (too much trouble to reach down there). So I decided to build a big box to act as a foundation for the pile. And managed to build it from boards to shellac in one day, an accomplishment up there with my building a bike frame in three days.

Step2: The boards

Step 1:  Pretend I have a design.
Step 2: Select boards (poplar and 3/16″ oak ply)
Step 3: Resaw board to 3/8″ (table saw and hand planes).
Step 4: Dovetails (router). I cut the pins then read the note I had written on the jig: “Tails first!”. Opps. Proceeded to verify this by cutting the first tails in the wrong place. A design change occurs.
Step 5:  Cut “depth indicator” slot on bandsaw. Shape.
Step 6: Glue split that became exposed. Glue a patch on a tail (board was ragged on one end).
Step 7: Glue up.
Step 8: Plane ends of pins and tails and smooth board. One goal was no sanding, got close.
Step 9: Used a Lee Valley Box-Slotting bit to route a housed rabbit for the bottom (router table). Squared the corners with chisels.
Step 10:  Cut and fit the bottom (table saw and plane).
Step 11: Smooth outside and slather on the shellac (I was in a hurry by this point).
Step 12: Let dry overnight and test (with droppings still on floor).
Step 13: Wonder how I’ll ever find anything in there.

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