Toilets: not just for, well, you know

What do to about a strike button. I need one because you adjust the iron up by hitting bun and down by smacking the sole (I use a small dead blow hammer) and I don’t want to hammer wood. Digging through the many semi organized junk piles, I found these brass toilet bolts (I think they were used to hold the tank to the bowl). What is interesting is that the bolt head has been immersed so long that it appears that lots of zinc has leached out of the brass, leaving copper (I wasn’t able to get down to brass with a wire brush in the grinder). In any case, it is the right shape and looks kinda cool so it wins.

I “tanked” the body in half & half varnish/mineral spirits (ie put the body in a bag with the liquid, placed it in vacuum tank and pulled a vacuum). The wood sucked up 42 grams of juice, which is 60cc (~ ¼ cup) if it was 100% MS. I probably should have let it suck up more because wood looked dry after it sat for a bit but that could have been the MS flashing off. I’m hoping that the resins in the varnish will strengthen the wood, which is on the soft side.
I mounted it on a stick and have been applying varnish.

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