A small cabinet in Apple

A small cabinet (about the size of a sheet of paper) for some of my machinist tools. Made from Apple and Elm limbs from the back yard. The stock is either ¼” or ½” thick (mostly). Finish is BLO followed by shellac and rubbed out. Drawer bottoms are 1/8″ High Density Polyethylene (HDPE, cutting board material), screwed on. The lack of knobs is intentional, plenty of room on the sides to grab and slide.

I painted the ends of the apple but it splits and pretzels like crazy (there is a pic in one of the spoon posts) so the yield is dismal. And the sap wood is a boring cream color, luckily there were some color streaks to make it interesting.

The plastic drawer bottoms was an experiment because of the garbage thin plywood I can get around here. The stuff machines awesome with machine or hand tools (planeing it is really fun) but it is too flexible for my tastes and attaching it is, uhh, exacting (using screws into ¼” sides, made lots and lots of extra holes). The screws are the only metal.

This was a mostly tablesaw project, the trick was to glue the two legs of a Vee together (at the bottom, with double stick tape holding wedges so I could clamp to parallel sides) and a cross piece at the top, in the waste area. I cut those parallel and then I had two reference surfaces for cutting the dadoes, the bottom tenon and the drawer slides to length (they were pre-slotted).

Not much sandpaper was used, hand planes did most of the fit and finish. Because I like them and this stuff is a good test of a plane.

Apple is really difficult to photograph, this is my third attempt.

The only “plan” I had was ½ sheet scribble. Many mistakes led to many tweaks but the tools I want to put in it still fit so I’m calling it good.

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2 Responses to A small cabinet in Apple

  1. Curtis Andrews says:

    Love the blog, keep up the good work. I also loved the design of this little cabinet. the V sides look great and using the drawer bottoms as part of the drawer guides is a great idea, especially with them being made out of HDPE – I’ll bet they slide really smoothly! There is only one thing missing from your write up……you didn’t include any gratuitous shots of the drawers open after they were full of tools! : -)

    • Zander K says:

      Thanks and thanks! Yes, they do slide nicely, even when loaded, almost like ball bearing guides. I tried and tried to get to get a shot with tools but it just wasn’t working, I would have had to put the cabinet on the floor or the camera on the ceiling.

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