Small curved scraper

I’ve been making some ladles and the bowels can be a real a pain to cut cleanly because they can be small and deep; gouges work great on the sides but my hook knife is too big to maneuver down there and sanding (even with 80 grit) gets real old real fast. Scrapers are one answer but I haven’t broken down and bought a goose neck one (and then I’m not sure it would work down in that hole). It finally dawned on my that the curved end of a hacksaw blade is the right size so I sharpened one up and it worked great. I’m using a broken tap held in a tap handle to roll the burr, the anvil is a nice surface to do the initial roll and a file to square the end to the shape I wanted. Didn’t bother to stone or remove the paint. The best instructions I’ve read or seen are by Rob Millard, who makes beautiful furniture at American Federal Period. He has a blog entry on Sharpening the Card Scraper and a great video.

Here is my scraper in action on oak sap wood (note that they are shavings not dust, click to enlarge):

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