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Stubby the saw

Well, the day started with me wanting to make some tooling for making cap screws. For that, I need some spring steel, as the normalized 4130 I used for the prototypes just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended, I’m making tools … Continue reading

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That makes sense to me (chisel sharpening)

I read this chisel sharpening post by Paul Sellers and it made a lot sense to me – fast, simple, cheap (-ish) and very effective. While I’m too anal to use a convex bevel (stropping will create a tiny one, … Continue reading

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Steel fuzz

Doing some machining on a Bailey-style frog (making the bolt holes for attaching the frog to the sole) and taking really light deep cuts, made my own steel wool, all the time really wishing I had a three axis DRO.

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Black and Tan part II

Applying finish: The spoon was sanded with 220 to knock down the raised grain. The ladle didn’t need sanding. Both were soaked in BLO followed by several coats of rubbed on jelled varnish (my jar of varnish is setting up … Continue reading

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Black and Tan

I recently got a ton of white oak (literally – 2500 lbs, 3ft+ trunk split by hand with a small axe and wedges, oh my aching back). I’ve been making a bunch of treens (wooden tableware) and doing some playing … Continue reading

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