Black and Tan part II

Applying finish:

  • The spoon was sanded with 220 to knock down the raised grain.
  • The ladle didn’t need sanding.
  • Both were soaked in BLO followed by several coats of rubbed on jelled varnish (my jar of varnish is setting up and has the consistency of Jello with boogers in it). In case you’re wondering, these are more “display” items as the ladle has several knot holes and leaks and the spoon had its bottom glued back on after it split and fell off. So I’m not worried about people eating varnish.


  • The spoon isn’t that black; in person, the lighter color (on the left) is clearly visible. Also notice the difference between limb/sap wood (scoop) and heart wood (spoon). The three on the left were all made from limbs, all wood is from the same tree.
  • The oil really brought out the benefits of fuming (on the ladle, check out the contrast with the same wood on the left).

(click for monster sized image)

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