Stubby the saw

Well, the day started with me wanting to make some tooling for making cap screws. For that, I need some spring steel, as the normalized 4130 I used for the prototypes just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended, I’m making tools to cut brass rod into cap screw shaped things in one pass). Saw plate should work just fine but I didn’t want to dig into new stock so I grabbed the $1 saw a friend gave me and chopped the nose off. I’ve been wanting to make a shorter than panel saw for a while now and since I was cutting plate, did a little shaping. Hmmm, might as well clean the plate while I’m at it so I did that with the angle grinder and a scotch brite pad (or whatever the generic name is). Worked like a champ, removed rust & stains, gave a bit of a polish AND removed all the set. Oh what the hell, let’s see what I got for handle stock. Picked some stinky oak with a knot hole (which wound up where your thumb goes) and lots of stress cracks (there will be an epoxy party later). I’d stare, scribble, waltz over the bandsaw and remove a chunk, back to the bench and file a bunch, repeat until I would up with this bastard love child of Kenyon and London pattern. As usual, I cut the slot at an angle but the blank was thick enough I could plane it straight. Saved. Then I noticed it was way past dinner time and quit for the evening. I’m going to have to stare some more, the handle looks way too bulky. Oh, and the plate is taper ground. Yes, those are the original holes, I didn’t feel like drilling new ones.

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