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How to crank out cap screws BC (before CNC)

I need a turret lathe! And more tooling! I just love this video.

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Gratuitous plane pic plus a close shave

(Wallace & Gromit) Working on some Cocobolo, strange stuff. You can see the sparkles of silica in the grain but it planes more like cheese than a domestic hard wood. This smoother just whizzed through it but my other smoother … Continue reading

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Jeeves, hand me the glitter gun

Yeah, it is over the top but Stanley used a thread (¼”x18) nobody uses anymore so I just have to keep it.

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Making cap screws

Having found a cap screw profile I like, I wanted to be able to repeat it for future planes. Since I don’t have CNC, that means template cutting. Here are the two templates I made and the results. These are … Continue reading

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Stubby the saw finished

The grip isn’t quite finished – I’m going to let the BLO dry for a while and then top coat with varnish. But I felt like calling it done and testing so I did. I used shop made brass T-nuts … Continue reading

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What a beatiful wreck

This was one nasty piece of wood, totally wrong for making a saw handle from – very hard (good), heavy (good), very dry (not so good), totally stressed (I’m guessing, very bad), loves to split (very very bad). Every time … Continue reading

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