What a beatiful wreck

This was one nasty piece of wood, totally wrong for making a saw handle from – very hard (good), heavy (good), very dry (not so good), totally stressed (I’m guessing, very bad), loves to split (very very bad). Every time I dropped it (and, given my dexterity, was often), the grip would break/split. There just doesn’t seem to be much holding the individual wood fibers together. I’ve got four types of glue in it: Titebond III (because it is runny, II, epoxy (to fill cracks) & CA (desperation). Four dowels (three in a row in the photo, the right most one is hard to see and the fourth is up by the thumb area). It is so dry, when I heated it up to cure the epoxy, crevasses would open up everywhere. And warp. Quite frustrating but oh so lovely. It polishes great and oil makes it look really good.

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