Stubby the saw finished

The grip isn’t quite finished – I’m going to let the BLO dry for a while and then top coat with varnish. But I felt like calling it done and testing so I did. I used shop made brass T-nuts and 10×24 brass screws to hold things together. The original saw was 10 something (TPI or PPI), I left it at that, jointed a slight breasting and filed it crosscut with 15º rake and 20º fleam. I used Mike Wenzloff’s “consistent set” trick (video) to set the set at 0.008″ (eight thou, four per side), I’ll be cutting wet green wood (among other things) and don’t want any binding.Mike’s trick worked very nicely; it is to wrap paper on each side of the plate and clamp it in a mill vise, where the smooth, hardened jaws press any teeth that poke beyond the paper back into line.
The saw works well both crosscut and rip; in the photo at right, the kerfs are the exit kerfs, not much blowout.
There is a color difference between the two sides but nowhere as dramatic as it appears to be in the photos, little bit darker than a middle color. BTW, the two pieces of wood are from the same log, BLO makes quite a difference.
You can see the fourth dowel that keeps the grip from exploding.

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