Gratuitous plane pic plus a close shave

(Wallace & Gromit)
Working on some Cocobolo, strange stuff. You can see the sparkles of silica in the grain but it planes more like cheese than a domestic hard wood. This smoother just whizzed through it but my other smoother wasn’t able to do squat, nada, no shaving, no dust, no nothing. Usually, they act about the same. The difference? About 0.005″ (a fat piece of paper). This plane has a mouth opening of about 0.009″ and the other has about 0.004″ (if I remember correctly). Whereas the smaller opening works just great with woods like Oak (as does the wider one), ¬†Cocobolo just clogs the mouth. My take away? Adjustable frogs are great and there is such a thing as too small a mouth.

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