Functionally complete

Just what do you use a tiny plane for? How about making another small plane? I make the wedge over wide because Cocobolo always chips on the sides. Here I’m thinning it with the last mitre and a #3.

Then some testing on apple.

Here you can see the secondary dovetails (if you look at the previous post, the brass pins are straight (it is kinda hard to see but they are). I didn’t get a photo but I used 5º, cut in about ¼ of pin width (at the root), feathered to zero at the bottom of the pin (ditto on the tails) .
No peined photo ether, because they looked like doo-doo. The sides are fine but the brass work hardened and broke on some of the edges (see the next photo).

That is what I call a mouth too closed. It works but you can tell it isn’t happy (it feels like it is going to clog and the shavings are a bit too rumpled).

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