Now we’re rolling

I like how this one turned out; looks good and works well (Bubinga and Apple are the test woods). Specs: 7/8″ cut down Keen Kutter blade bedded at 20º, two piece ¼” mild steel sole (not split, ¼” brazed on blade ramp/bed), three piece brass shell (silver brazed bridge and front plate), wood is Cocobolla (Deft rattle can lacquer), 7º wedge. 1 3/16″W x 4 5/16″L x 15/16″H. Mouth is 0.007″.

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I learned that rubbing alcohol dissolves lacquer, at least “green” lacquer. I per-finished the front infill and epoxied it in place, rubbing on some sanding dust to fill any spaces. Before the epoxy set, I wiped off the excess dust and glue with a alcohol soaked rag and when that dried, the lacquer was gone where I had rubbed. Oh well, used about a mile of masking tape and resprayed.

The mouth wasn’t too tight after all, I just needed to sharpen the blade and dial things in. I forgot that the deeper the cut, the tighter the mouth gets (bevel up plane).

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