All in the Family

I decided to do a family of mitre planes, tiny (1/2″ iron) to huge (2″) but can’t seem to finish one before starting another. Here is what I’ve got so far (1/2″, two 7/8″ and 1 1/2″, the cocobolla you’ve seen before). It’s looking like these will all be filled with Apple. The big ones will be low angle shoot board planes. Here is what 12º looks like next to 20º. 20º + a bevel angle of 30º yields a cutting angle of 50º, 12º + 25º = 37º which is a better slicing angle. This time the iron is home made 1/8″ O-1.

Here are four of the five parts that make up the plane (in the rough): sole, iron, wedge and shell. I still have to make the front infill.

  •  This is a “mixed media” plane, the shell is half steel (the down side, it is a “righty”) and brass. The steel side is also a bit wider (for stability I tell myself).
  • I was finally able to make a nice cupids bow bridge.
  •  The mouth opening just looks wide, 12º leaves a really thin edge at the bottom of the ramp, so I filed it back.
  • I’ve decided I really really hate peining, not the minor tap tap to make tight joints really tight but the pound, pound, pound needed to move a lot of metal to fill a compound dovetail. So I going to try something different. Two finger joints per side with pins to hold the two together. I plan to silver braze the pins (which will also wick between the sole and shell).
  • If you do side milling, a roughing endmill just rocks. In this case, 3/16″ deep cuts to waste out the sockets. Still gotta be really careful with climb cuts if your mill has backlash (if you know where to look, you can see a “oops” in the right of the photo).
  • I TIG brazed the ramp on. What a mess. The 1/2″ ramp & 1/4″ sole just have too much thermal mass and I got major root cracking (as the weld cools, the puddle cracks right up the middle). Pumping in the heat to get around that caused the most amazing warping of the sole (not quite my description at the time but I did saw “wow”). I should have thrown it in the oven for a preheat (although I’m unsure how much it would help). Anyway, I went blacksmith on it and then milled it flat. I need to wise up and just use the couple of tack welds that are needed to secure the ramp.
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