Plane bits

All the bits are done (I’ll probably lacquer the wood), one glue up to go.

The wood is apple that has been infused with varnish, which gave it a much darker color (a good thing I think). I do this in a vacuum chamber (a fancy glass jar hooked up to a vacuum pump); when the bubbles stop, I re-pressurize (ie disconnect the pump) and let the wood soak up the varnish (thinned 50/50 with mineral spirits). The wood sinks like a rock when that happens.
Another thing about the infused wood is it is much nicer to work. Early wood (apple and pear) can be a real pain to work (power or hand), I did most of the work with files after roughing the shapes on the mill (so everything is square, which gives me references to work from). It burnishes beautifully but gets dirty very fast and that dirt is hard to get rid of. I did some final shaping post infusion and it was much more consistent and predictable.

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