3 of a perfect pair

(King Crimson) Pretentious sounding post title until you read the lyric.

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  • To attach the buns in the shell, I used liquid hide glue. I did a test with a bit of cut off glued to some steel and it worked very well. Plus, hide glue is much nicer to work with than epoxy.
  • Notice the difference in the shavings. All were made edge jointing the thin board in the front. The low angle plane cut strips, the others crumpled them up. The difference in cutting angle is about 10º (37º vs 47º).
  • The middle plane has the “best” mouth. I don’t remember what happened on the small one but on the wide one I spaced out that the endmill I was using had a chamfer on it. When I had cut to the “stopping” point (where the metal, at the cut line, bulges out the sole), it was too far. No big deal, end grain doesn’t care.

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