How I make small mitre planes, part 10: Caboose

This step opens the back of the plane for the blade and wedge.

cutting back of shellDepending on how tall the ramp is, the back of the plane probably interferes with the blade/wedge and metal needs to be removed to open up the shell so the blade sits flat on the ramp and can pivot for adjustment.

This is not a critical operation, I cut a thou or two lower than the ramp so it kinda looks like the back of the plane is supporting the blade (it doesn’t need to and it would be way too much work to mill that accurately). Then nick the sides to ensure the shell is opened up to the full inside width (use a straight edge or eyeball to verify that the insides of the shell are straight all the way back).
The paper is there to provide a bit of scratch protection.

This is a good place to add some decoration if you have the room. I like stepped partial circles (a cove with steps), half of which I used on the rear plane (ran out of room).

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