Make a mess from a tree

One year ago, I split some white oak into quarters. I cut some molding plane blanks and a bunch of spoons from the pith. Now I want to make some boards and bigger stuff.

whole lotta chipsI don’t have power tools for making big boards so I rived (with an axe, ugg), made valiant attempts to raise blisters with a scrub plane (finally wised up and put on gloves; did you know you can get a Stanley scrub hot enough to melt wax?), draw knife (first time using one, they are fun), #5, #7 and smoothers. Lordy, what a workout, sure made me wish for a 12″ jointer. If anyone suggested it would be a good idea to arm wrestle Peter Follansbee for the last cookie, I know I’d politely decline.
I thought that after a year, the wood would be somewhat dry but insides registered 50%+ on my moisture meter. The dry stuff was 30%.

The shavings in the cart (my community composts yard debris), is mostly hand tool work, I’ve since filled it up with sawdust from the bandsaw and tablesaw.

riven oak projectsHere’s most of the projects I’ve started in the last month with the riven oak: spoons (I try to see a spoon in piece of wood before I throw it out), stir sticks, a three legged stool (the seat is all hand work: gouges, two handed hook knife, scrapers. Paint drys a lot faster), stock for a joint stool. I’m trying to follow the Alexander/Follansbee book as much as I can but this will be a step stool and the table saw got a workout squaring up the smaller parts. I absolutely do not like cutting joinery by hand, I’m too anal. The seat board is all hand work, here I’m working on the edge treatment. My fillister doesn’t have a knicker (nicker?) so I used a marking gauge to do that, then plowed the rabbits. The shoulder plane make the edges square and the block plane rounded them over.

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