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Joint stool in Elm

Siberian Elm to be exact. A weed tree but it has kinda grown on me. This one was a bit older than 50 years and had a bole of about four feet. I’m not done finishing yet but it isn’t going … Continue reading

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Stacking scratch stocks

Reading the Joint Stool book, I got a renewed urge to play with scratch stocks. Elm is pretty boring so I needed largish decorations on the aprons and rails and since I’m not up to carving (yet), mouldings were the obvious choice. … Continue reading

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Drawbore pins with a twist

I’m working on another joint stool, this time in Siberian Elm, and needed some drawbore pins, so I rummaged through the junk bins and found a U shaped handle from god knows what that really needed to be repurposed. The silver Craftsman … Continue reading

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