Drawbore pins with a twist

stool pinnedI’m working on another joint stool, this time in Siberian Elm, and needed some drawbore pins, so I rummaged through the junk bins and found a U shaped handle from god knows what that really needed to be repurposed. The silver Craftsman alignment pin works great so I copied that. As I was cutting up the handle, I went “hmmmm” and left the elbow on. It is great, you can twist, push, hammer and extract the pin with ease. The all round pins are a pain in the elbow to twist and extract. I might weld on a T handle on the round one.

drawbore pinsThe tapers are shorter than the Craftsman because that’s all I could get in one pass. I used a 2.5°, 2° would probably be better (addendum: it is) but my lathe has a limited throw when turning a taper and I didn’t want to use two setups. That said, they do seem to work fine.

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