Mushroom Cloud Knob

knob2My mushroom cloud knob in Apple with matching brass base plate.


The know has been saturated in BLO.
Overly complicated but I need one setup to both clamp an iron frame to wood and hold the knob.
The thread-sert will be glued into the wood base.
The brass washer clamps the iron via a ¼”/20 shaft. It is tightened with a 7mm wrench (I don’t have a english wrench that small).
The other end of the shaft is threaded #12/20 so I can use a Stanley brass nut.

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One Response to Mushroom Cloud Knob

  1. Jay says:

    I really like the shape of that: elegant like something out of Scheherazade and probably ergonomic to boot. Those low-knob Stanleys are easier on the hands, too, I’ve found.

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