With mouth wide shut

open wideThe brass has been installed, the glue has cured and the sides of the brass filed flush with the wood. Now that everything is locked into place, I can finish opening the mouth. I could have left the sides square, clamped the plane on the mill and opened things up but the slot was skewed ever so slightly so some hand work was going to happen no matter what. And I didn’t feel like using the mill anyway so I opened it up with files. I like to put a back slant on the mouth that sorta matches the slant of the blade (don’t know why) but it does mean less meat to remove. I took the opening out to zero, maybe one thou, which is too small, but I’ll leave it there for a while as everything gets settled in. Then open it up to six – nine thou.
The reason for the narrow slow is the blade can’t fall out and guillotine my toes and if I use the plane to chamfer edges, the slot is much less likely to catch. And I like the way it looks. But it does mean there is a mini ramp in there to match the bevel.
Tip: Light reflecting off the inside of the mouth really helps you monitor your progress as you file. Draw filing (sliding the file back and forth instead of moving it in and out) is also helpful although the corners tend to stay proud.
The sole has a coat of epoxy to toughen it up (that’s the weird color at the top of the brass).

But first! A test. I think I’ll give it a passing grade. Same stick of wood as two posts ago (different color balance though, this is much better). Shavings are about one thou, which is about the max with such a tight mouth.
its alive

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