Blow the dust off

cough, cough, sawdust rhinos. Ouch! it has been two years since I worked on this bench, it is heavy and I had busted my collarbone so I wasn’t able to move it, then my interests drifted onwards …
But now it’s back! May I present a new work bench made from old crap scrap in all it’s upside down glory:

base1The top (bottom of the photo) is a very well used maple butchers slab (years of slicing put some deep troughs in it, not to mention a thick layer of grease). The base is garbage construction doug fir, made paint grade with a lot of putty. I had some fun carving up the legs with a router (I made a x-y base so I could lock one axis and route the other).
The gem in the photo is the glorious old smoother I got from Josh at HyperKitten, it made all the shavings.

I’ve been procrastinating working on the base because the width has no wiggle room and I like to be able to make, ummm, “adjustments”. The top has two holes and the base has two pins (made from a rolling pin) and they are a good fit. Somehow I pulled it off; with the base assembled, the pins slide nicely into the holes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEver heard the term “it takes a bench to make a bench”? Bah humbug. Now i’m working on a bench but got no work bench to work on. If I had the room (or the weather was nice), I’d set this on saw horses. I have a stick clamped one the end so I can at least plane.

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One Response to Blow the dust off

  1. Brian Eve says:

    I have a couple old projects rolling around like that. Two years isn’t so bad, at least you are back at it.

    That smoother looks nice! Josh is a great guy to get tools from.

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