Bench storage

Once I plant this bench (it will replace a 2×4 + door bench), it ain’t moving and will quickly accumulate mountains of crap (same as the old bench). Sooo, to contain the crap, it needs storage (futile, I know). And it can’t be an after thought because (1) I don’t want to remove the top ever again, (2) the mountains of crap will keep me at bay and (3) I procrastinate.

For whatever reasons, I didn’t want a box with shelves or doors, I kinda wanted “floating” drawers.
This is what I came up with. Some more strips of wood and paint, and it should be good to go.


The “case” is “T” and “L” moldings screwed in place. The big drawers are resawn 2x6s (which are now just a bit over 5″ tall. And still wet enough, after two years, to cup when resawn). The four bottoms are six scraps of three different thicknesses of plywood (two bottoms are two piece joined with biscuits) glued into grooves on all four sides.

In the “it’s-not-all-garbage” category, my neighbors had some house rejuvenation work done and piled some of the ripped out wood on the curb. I went by the pile for a month or so before I thought “I should at least look at it” and so carted home a ladder and some 2x3s (all fir). I’m pretty sure this stuff is over 20 years old and been outside the entire time.
drawer sidesWell, surprise surprise, it is actually quite nice, if very rustic (note the rung and bolt holes). And stable. These are drawer sides getting their insides nice and purty (other half of the ladder in background).

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