Drawer cleanup

I love it when there is no need for sandpaper!
Tools for dressing the outside of a drawer: Narrow bench so I can use a clamp for one side and a vise to hold the other, very solid. A low angle block to deal with end grain. A smoother to get rid of saw marks, etc and a small hollow (#2, 1/8″ radius) to ease the edges.

drawer cleanup

Another two piece bottom, hard to see the seam at this angle but it is there (between the two top right blobs).
Learned something yesterday – yellow glue (PVA), well after it has tacked up, is still plastic and can/will creep. This can be useful. The BB bottom has been leaning against the wall forever and had a pretty good (lengthwise) twist to it, which it transferred to the drawer (I remember about a 1/4″), which remained after I took the clamps off (1/2 hour?). On a whim, I put shims under the two high corners and clamped it to the bench. Waited a while, checked and added more shims. I think I wound up with 1/4″+ under the high corners and, after what seemed like too long, it moved to flat. Most excellent! Just to be sure, for sure, I put 1/16″ shims under the formerly high corners (the idea was to prevent any spring back), re-clamped to the bench and went for a ride to let the glue dry. It actually kept moving so now it is a bit out. Couple of days later, still is. Of course, I didn’t mark it so I only know it is out but have no idea if there was spring back or it remained over corrected (doh!*).

*Note that Homer’s first doh involves a drawer.

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