Bench feets

I wanted to be able to level this bench without shims. And I didn’t want to be able to see the levering gizmos. Conflicting goals for which I came up with a very imperfect solution.
I found these heavy duty jacks at the scrap yard and welded up a tee nut hold them. Then carved up the bottom of the bench feet to accept the assembly (I used two jacks, mounted on the short side of the bench). Nice and invisible but a royal pain in the butt to adjust. I was hoping I would be able to slide a [very thin 19mm bicycle cone] wrench in there to turn the adjusting nut but that seems just about impossible in practice. Tilting the bench up and putting a 2×4 under a foot makes it reasonable however. And they do work very well at leveling the bench – I was surprised how much my “über” stiff draw-bored-mortise-and-tenon base will twist on an uneven surface.

feets1  feets2

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2 Responses to Bench feets

  1. Cut a screwdriver slot on the top of the adjuster screw, then drill a through hole in the leg. That way you can adjust the leveling feet from above.

    Woodcraft sells some heavy duty adjuster feet similar to yours. I got a bunch to put on our woodworking club’s benches a couple years back. I think they work great. The only drawback is the feet are slippery nylon glides, kinda the opposite of what you want in a bench foot.

  2. Zander K says:

    Boy, I thought about that for a looooong time but decided against it, if I remember, mainly for “aesthetics” or that the holes would fill up with jumk (like the hex cap screws do on my lathe). All rubbish. Then again, they only get used once so it’s not a major issue.
    These feet are some kind of nylon like stuff and I also thought they would put the bench on skids (if so, I would bolt the bench to the wall). Nope, the bench seems plated on that smooth concrete. But only one jack is extended so who knows. We’ll see what happens when I put a four foot cheater bar in the vise.

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