Bench with storage

finished1All done. The drawers got grunge-ified with walnut Watco (Asphaltum. I hate Watco and want to use it up), a deep red stain (the red is much more obvious in the photo than to my eye), top coated with poly.
The drawers are accessible from either side and the guides act pretty much as full extension guides.
The Wilton bullet vise will get mounted at a corner. If there is a better vise, I don’t need it. A truly wonderful tool.
A power strip is mounted up under the top so I can plug in those power tools.
The maple top is right at the hairy edge of what I can handle and took quite some effort to get from the shop to the garage (which are joined but I couldn’t get the top through so I had to take the scenic route around the outside of the house). Then levered up onto the base. Uga buga!


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