Stanley #12 scraper: assembled

Reassembled and working.

The rosewood handle was refinished with shellac.
I was using a transfer punch (basically a rod with a pointy end) for the push rod pivot pin because I didn’t feel like going to the hardware store for a roll pin and was too lazy to make one out of brass or stainless so I poked around in the junk piles and found that a framing nail was a perfect fit. Stanley used tapered pins on tools, I don’t know if this taper is over the entire length or just one end but I only needed to taper one end. The other end I domed over and left a bit long so I would know it was tapered and which end wasn’t; I’ve tried to remove tapered pins backwards and it sucks when the casting breaks.
I re-grunged the brass with some cold bluing.
The paint is a half assed quickie job with a rattle can.
You can’t see it (patting myself on the back) but there were four ~1/4″ holes in the sole that a previous owner drilled to attach a wooden sole. The epoxy putty stuff worked well (see previous post).

Couple of things on the frog – the top pivot screws just bottom out in the cap and keep it centered. The washers on the bottom screws act as kickers to keep the blade from hitting the sides of the casting. Not an issue as the casting has raised bosses for that purpose but it just made me feel better.


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2 Responses to Stanley #12 scraper: assembled

  1. Brian Eve says:

    Nice rehab. It looks funny with a hex screw in the side of the casting, though. Are you happy with how it works?

  2. Zander K says:

    I have to agree but I kinda like it and I hated the pressed in pins, not sure what a better solution would be.
    Am I happy with it – not really. It is probably that I don’t know how to properly use this sort of plane but it just never clicked, kept digging in (when it did work, I got really nice results). Got tired of messing with it (and didn’t really need it), it is now a shelf queen.

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