A Square

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Finished with boiled linseed oil. I’ll probably topcoat with shellac at some point.

(If you would like to see a big image, stop the slide show at the image, right click on “open image in new tab”, then edit the location/url to remove the “?w=xyz” at the end of the url, hit return and click on the image to tell the browser to expand it. For chrome anyway. For Firefox, right click and select “copy image location”, open a tab and paste, removing the “?w=xyz”. I make it sound harder than it it is.)

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2 Responses to A Square

  1. Brian Eve says:

    What beautiful oak. Did you rive it?

    • Zander K says:

      Thanks! Yep, it was rived from a log. A neighbor at the end of the street had it cut down and I was able to get some chunks. I’ve used it for a couple of joint stools and spoons. It’s wonderful stuff.

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