Lazarus Handplane Co: A Review Part II

lz in box(Part I will be posted when I make it readable)

Here is what the mail person hands you after you sign: a cardboard box containing a pine box containing a plane. Sticks take up the extra space in the outer box and a cloth wraps the plane. The pine box is a nice table saw box assembled with screws. Since I wasn’t doing anything else at the time, I decided to replace the screws with dowels and use the plane in the box to shape the box. Sandpaper was avoided except when sanding out the finish, which was “pink-martini” shellac (“cabernet” oil based stain mixed into the shellac, it probably didn’t dissolve but it became an emulsion just fine). On one box, I put oil under the shellac to see if I’d notice a color or depth difference; I don’t.

lz box in closeThe  planes worked just dandy as I knocked off 1/16″ to 1/8″ off the panels a few thou per swipe (3-4 gallons of shavings). Straight grain was lovely, end grain decent (the hardwood dowel end grain was nice). The panels did have some tear out where the alternating layers of wood came up at an angle to a thin spear point (if you have ever planed pine or fir, you have seen this). I used a not so sharp low angle block to do the bevels, enlarge to see some nasty tear out.

Next up was a plank of riven white oak. I roughed this out a couple of years ago and it has been sitting inside ever since. I used a #7 to remove the cup and twist (I may not think Stanley’s are all that great but they are useful). Then went at it with the bigger Lazarus. This is where the fine depth adjust (see part I) just rocks: Set for a fine cut then tighten the cap screw to increase the depth and remove the tracks and bumps left by the #7 until you are getting a continuous cut, then loosen the screw to get those nice fluffies. This is a finish ready surface. The plane was very pleasant to adjust and use modulo tote shape isn’t quite to my liking.

Again, I haven’t touched the blade, it is as delivered. Remember to scribble wax on the sole (I keep a candle hanging on the wall in easy reach); this where the term “greased lightening” originated.
lz oak

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3 Responses to Lazarus Handplane Co: A Review Part II

  1. patw99 says:

    Hey, how goes it? I have been an admirer of Mateus’s hand planes from the very beginning but I think he has become some what disenchanted with the whole hand plane making thing a little bit. If you look at his early stuff they were all well executed and very clean. By that I mean no machining marks or file marks or scratches on the sides of the planes. A few weeks ago I was looking at one he had up for auction and the screw heads were all dinged up like he used the wrong screw driver. I wrote and asked him what was up, why has his quality seemed to drop down from his earlier work and I just got a bunch of ?????? for a reply. I really like his look too, the heavy industrial thing he has going on that nobody else does. He could easily get himself into the $1,000.00 plus hand plane market if he would just pay attention to his details and send a plain to Chris Schwarz for a review. He made a squirrel tail that I lusted for a number of years back that really looked good but I didn’t have the money at the time. I have quite a few questions about your hand plane making if you ever have the time or desire to get back to me. I would really like to start making some. They are fantastically interesting and what you did with your transitional wood plane was very cool and good for some ideas.

  2. Zander K says:

    Thanks for the reply!
    I took a look at Mateo’s ebay listing and his for sale postings on WoodNet and they all look good to me. I’m impressed with his productivity and evolution of his designs (I’ve been watching his work since he first posted on, quite amazing changes). His planes have an aesthetic I quite enjoy (I’m not into this early work). Personally, I’m glad he has stuck with this market segment – you get a tool you want to use, vs one you are afraid to use (in case you ding it).
    I’ve been very tempted by his low angle and squirrel tails but I don’t want to turn info a full blown collector.
    You can send me an email at, user zanderk.

  3. patw99 says:

    Yes, I look for one of his planes every time I hit Ebay. I will say that they require a close examination sometimes. He had one up maybe a 8 months and I don’t know what happened but some of the screw heads were just trashed, I hated to see it because I knew that was not his normal standard. I probably ticked him off because I wrote and asked what happened the screw heads and that I was disappointed in how that plane looked. He had an early squirrel tale made with red brass and I was that close to buying it. I will have one of his hand planes one of these days.. It’s like you said, your not afraid to use it.

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