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Guard rails

For the side rails/struts, I wasn’t sure how to mount them. I probably should have used interlocking dados (for a mechanical interlock) but I didn’t really feel up to it (or wouldn’t have as I didn’t think of that ’til … Continue reading

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Parking places

For the shelves, I wanted a bit of pizzazz over square so I added cupids bows to the fronts. Yeah, I know I use bows everywhere, but I’m getting them wired and they are pretty adaptable. The shelves are two … Continue reading

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Dinky parts want dinky tools

(no, not the stunning tools of John Maki (images) or Paul Hamler) I have ten 5/16″ x 1/4″ red oak “struts/swizzle sticks” that I roughed out on the table saw and now need saw marks removed and width reduced to fit … Continue reading

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Another parking garage

Too many cars and not enough parking; what is a boy to do? I like to keep my “user” planes on the wall, close at hand (more likely so I can look at them more). And I have lots more wall space than … Continue reading

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Joint stool from stems & twigs

(Commander Cody) This stool is made from white oak branches, great grain, great pain to work. Lots and lots of (liquid) hide glue/sawdust hole & crack filler, which does a pretty nice job of not being obvious and takes finish … Continue reading

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