Another parking garage

struts protoToo many cars and not enough parking; what is a boy to do?
I like to keep my “user” planes on the wall, close at hand (more likely so I can look at them more). And I have lots more wall space than I do floor space. But I’m out of plane space: wall of planes I’m going to have to park them nose in to get more up there. So I’m building a new parking garage to replace the column on the right (each column is screwed to a wall stud, which determines horizontal spacing). It is mostly built; here I’m taking a look see to see what it looks like with planes and to play around with strut placement. The struts aren’t so much for strength but to prevent a sloppy parking job causing a Ferris Bueller disaster. Still unconvinced it’s the look I want however.

Something I didn’t notice until I looked at the photo is how much the oak spines are bending. Not going to be a free standing stand.

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