Guard rails

routing-strutsFor the side rails/struts, I wasn’t sure how to mount them. I probably should have used interlocking dados (for a mechanical interlock) but I didn’t really feel up to it (or wouldn’t have as I didn’t think of that ’til just now). So, I just went with 3/16″ deep x quarterish dados on the sides. I thought about sawing and using a router plane but was seduced by power and went for the router, thinking I could get ‘er done with less thinking. So, guide bushing in the router, ¼” bit, a board with two slots (cut on the table saw), double stick table to hold said board/router guide to the ends of the shelves (worked quite well), a bevel angle get the angle consistent, route, route and done. On to the next set, which required a lot of ruler/eyeball work to maintain a consistent look for all ten struts.

The level is clamped to the back rail because it has a bit of a bow in it plus I don’t want the shelves to wiggle as I’m routing.

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