Spoke shave practice

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.
I was kinda bored and wanted to build something and use a spoke shave and they became handles.

chopper mallet 1chopper mallet 2On the left, a cleaver looking thing from three chunks of white oak. How I came up with this, I have no idea. I also don’t have any idea what it does but it was fun. The contour was bandsawn, there was some file work (I haven’t figured out my curved shave), the vast majority of shaping was with a spoke shave. No sandpaper, no finish.
The mallet is pear and purple heart cut offs. It puts the light in light weight. More show than go. The head was machine shaped (except the champers), the handle all hand tools. I used a blind wedge (put the wedge in the top of the handle before putting the handle in the head). The handle was sanded because pear gets sooo grungy when handled. BLO and shellac.

I mostly used the Veritas flat spoke shave (of my five shaves with one more in the mail). This thing has given me fits but I think I’ve figured it out: skewed cut (45°-70°+) and the trailing edge of the blade protruding more then than the front. The shavings look like spills (google spill plane) and it seems to really cut down on clogging.

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