Get a grip

power arm jr

Jim Ritter (who makes a nice chain leg vise) posted a clever vise on the WoodNet forums some time ago. I didn’t have the parts so I kinda forgot about it. But I remembered I wanted a Wilton PowerArm Jr. Which I eventually found (this is the mechanical version, they also make a hydraulic version). Jim’s photo was reposted recently, and forehead slap, “Doh! that’s why I have that” and out to the shop. Couple of hours, a cheapo Harbor Freight clamp, more screws than a porno later and I gots a pretty sweet articulated vise. It isn’t grippy enough for mallet work but works good for file work. I should line the jaws but using grip pad works well.
Note on the HF clamps: nice wood, cheese metal screws, all the quality workmanship you expect from HF and they work fine (sez me, who has never used a Jorgy wood clamp).

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