Backsaw parts kit

Time to paint it green (my term for soak it in oil so I can’t work on it any more).
dtd-parts-kitThere isn’t a square surface in this thing – it is all angles, curves and chamfers. Which is fine if you drill first. Lucky me, I could put the saw plate on a block of wood, clamp that to the drill press table and then drill.

dtd-worms-eye-viewOne interesting thing I did was cut the mortise the full width of the saw back. This is easy to do (¼”+plate width) and keep square (I did it on the mill, you could also do it on the table saw, eg with a tennoning jig). That becomes the reference for the rest of the handle. Once I set the hang angle, I glued in spacers. To clamp them, I assembled the saw, added glue and shoved the spacers into place. Add a couple of C clamps. Tip – don’t use yellow glue, the tight squeeze causes it to grab. Hard. Took a couple of tries. Time to switch to liquid hide glue.

The back is two strips of brass screwed together. Because it is easy. It works OK although the sides can slip if you wack it on the side. My primary backsaw uses one and it has been fine for years now.

The rounded nose is pretty but I don’t think it works on this saw. I don’t want to work on it any more so it probably stays, otherwise, I’ll chop it off.

For saw screws, I use T nuts, 10×24 screws and Lee Valley counter sunk washers. Way more pleasant to use than split nuts.

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