A Tale of Two Saws

Another video with no production values.
1) Both saws have the same PPI (10), flem (20º), rake (15º) and set (I measured the kerfs at 0.006″ and 0.007″ over the plate size). The plates are 0.020″ vs 0.025″. So why does the big saw cut so much quicker? Beats me.

2) Notice the radically different hang angles. And yet I don’t really notice, which is a real surprise. I had thought one or the other would look like a rocking horse and yet they both stay somewhat level. I’m guessing I subconsciously adjust.

3) The cuts are glassy smooth (in this white oak). I was impressed. On pine, oh hum, the soft wood layers have light tear out.

4) Why did the big saw grab? I don’t really know but I’m guessing that bench moves and I don’t adjust my arm which causes the saw to bind. I’m guessing the bench moves because the heel of the saw drops a bit when I push, thus taking a bigger bite (it looks like that once I got going, I kept the nose down). Which may answer question #1. I shoved the bench up against the wall, made several more cuts while trying to be aggressive and didn’t have any problems so that may be it.

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